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We've encountered many other consultants that boast how great they are when it comes to VoIP and telephony communications. We've also had to go in and straighten out the messes they've created. If you aren't utilizing VoIP, you're behind the curb and not receiving the benefits, such as reduced cost of both maintenance and service. If you're concerned about VoIP and any negative side-effects of implementation, you should be. The wrong group installing your VoIP solution can cause a nightmare on both your network performance and your ability to so much as pickup the phone and say "hello." That's where we come in. We'll take your worries away with our proven ability to properly implement, maintain and troubleshoot VoIP solutions.

The secret recipe for successful VoIP implementation lies in understanding the fundamentals behind it.

Our skills don't include simply VoIP, but also every core component that a proper VoIP implementation relies on. VoIP is something that's very sensitive to packet loss, and requires a bit of discipline in the networking side to properly implement successfully without running in to issues both immediately and in the long run. Most engineers don't grasp that concept, and they'll slap VoIP on a network and let it fend for itself when it comes to transmission of data. Have you ever dropped a call because someone was streaming Pandora or YouTube videos? We've seen it happen, thanks to a lack of broadcast domain segregation and no QoS/CoS - implemented by a group of "VoIP Experts with CCVP certifications."

We've maintained and implemented infrastructures that provided VoIP service to thousands of simultaneous customers, all through a single core network. And we always streamed Pandora on that same network, as well as watching Hulu and Netflix.

Being a VoIP professional doesn't make someone capable of implementing a proper solution. If you're experiencing VoIP issues, contact us and we'll review your implementation - at ZERO cost to you! We'll spot the issues and make our reccomendations. You choose what to do with those reccomendations, whether it's utilizing us to resolve the issue, or going to someone else with them.

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