Some IT guys are Microsoft oriented.

Some are Unix oriented.

We're both. Future South Technologies consists of engineers who are developers as well as systems architecture experts. With that being said, we have the experience to work with anything you put us up against. Microsoft, check. Linux, got it. MacOS - love it. HP-UX, Irix64, AIX, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris and even VXWorks - we're fanatics.

We're also big in to virtualization. We've done massive implementations of VMWare, literally supporting hundreds of servers in a single VMWare infrastructure. But it doesn't stop there. We've utilized many other virutalization technologies to handle our customers needs. Microsoft's HyperV, VirtualBox and OpenVZ platforms are just some of the technologies we've implemented. Coming from a service provider background combined with consulting experience, there isn't much we have not done.

Why are we better suited to handle your systems administration tasks?

Many systems admins are capable of handling an Active Directory problem or two. They're also capable of bringing up a Linux box and configuring Samba to handle file and print sharing. What about the logic that comes in to play when email stops flowing in to your organization? The server looks good, exchange store is up and running properly... Where's the problem? Checking the MX record results in no response - whoops. DNS is down. Now, let's find why...

This was our world, and our lives. Supporting literally tens of thousands of customers - from web hosting, DNS services, mail servers and phone systems, all the way to their actual WAN infrastructure.

Service providers aren't what you would think. They don't have twenty, ten or even five engineers behind the scenes. They hire one or two decent engineers, and then staff up on cheap labor to handle your calls. We were those one or two engineers.

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