In today's market, it's tough to find good employees.

It's even harder when you're not really sure what you need.

Why should you use us for your IT staffing needs? If you’ve read our about us, you already know that we’ve been there, done that and encountered both the best and worst that the IT world has to offer. We’ve worked with hundreds of staff members, heading and leading projects with minimal resources to work with. Imagine asking an AT&T cellphone sales rep to configure a router with policy-based (dynamic) routing, and also configuring IP SLA’s to ensure redundancy on the WAN connection. Or better yet, explain to a web developer that he needs to modify the ISAKMP policy for an existing VPN tunnel to use 3DES with SHA-256 for phase two negotiation. What about getting the entry-level Cisco guy to code a webpage utilizing websockets to interact with the backend database for cable modem provisioning so you can develop a full web-based provisioning system… That’d be a fun conversation.

By the way, did you understand any of that? If so, then you probably don’t need our services with selecting qualified candidates to fill your technical needs. But the chances are that you probably didn’t. It’s okay, though. We know what it all meant.

Generally, it takes talent to recognize and acknowledge talent. We happen to be pretty good at that.

That’s what you get when you utilize Future South Technologies to handle the interviewing and staffing process for your technology department. The employees are yours, full-time. We won’t utilize them on other projects, so they work to your specifications and adhere to your job requirements. We will, however, back them up. They’ll have full access to our staff, and you’ll get our full involvement with them, and with your organization, to ensure all of your projects are properly implemented and the best solution possible is delivered to you.

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