We're not just networking professionals.

We're network innovators.

Future South Technologies is made up of engineers who have worked for and built successful internet and telephone service providers, as well as provided consulting services and engineering work to health care organizations, law firms, City and State agencies, oil and gas companies and many other industries. We've written our own protocols, submitted responses to RFC's and even worked with many national and international companies to resolve performance, design and security issues. We take pride in our expertise, and we pass that pride to you with every solution that we deliver. With Future South Technologies, you get more than just an "IT Person" helping you; you get a seasoned, experienced and world-class engineering team that delivers. Some people may call us cocky - but we're anything but. We're simply confident.

We're not your average IT company, and none of our engineers are your average geek. Some companies are Cisco shops, some are Nortel, HP, Dell and even IBM when it comes to vendor hardware. We're whatever is right for both your practical business needs and your checkbook. We understand networking from the very core fundamentals, and aren't hardware-specific in terms of terminology or capabilities. We don't rcccomend hardware just because it's the most expensive, nor because of it's outstanding namebrand. That's probably due to the fact that we don't profit from hardware sales. At all.

We shop the equipment for you from the cheapest reputable source available, and you purchase it from there. Best of all, we don't charge you for that time. Or, we can simply give you the exact part numbers and specifications, and you're free to shop it.

Our specialization is in identifying and implementing solutions that meet your needs and improve your business functions. Not making money from hardware sales. We can't justify charging you more money for hardware than other companies can get it to you for. So when we make a recomendation and hand out equipment specifications, it's done strictly with your needs in mind, not our pockets.

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