The cost of having full-time employees can really spin your head.

But, what if you could have an entire IT staff for the cost of a single employee?

It makes the pill just a little easier to swallow. That's what our managed services solutions bring to you. A full-time IT staff for a single low monthly cost. We provide proactive monitoring and maintenence, as well as levels of troubleshooting and technical support, all for a low monthly cost. With monitoring an alerting, we resolve the problems on your network, systems and phone systems before they cause you any. We also take care of network security, backups, malware preventation and removal as well as any other standard task that would be otherwise handled by your own IT department. With our managed services, you essentially get our entire staff at your disposal, giving you a sense of comfort in knowing your data is well protected.

A lot of companies offer managed services with promises that they generally can't deliver. They tend to use expensive software with a slew of unneccessary bells and whistles as a means of attracting your attention. All this does is drive their cost higher, which they then pass on to you. We utilize many Open Source solutions that we've customized and tailored to our own needs, alongside many proprietary applications and scripts to monitor your infrastructure and send us notifications of issues that may cause a problem.

Your network becomes our network. And if you want the truth? We're going to ensure it's operating at 100% as a means of preventing ourselves from having to "fix" anything.

Technology implementations are a lot like cars. Sure, there's maintenence. You eventually change your oil and your tires on your car, don't you? The "wear and tear" on a network doesn't come from mileage - it comes from changes in technology, from new threats and lack of maintenence. Consider the threats the nails, potholes and stray objects in the road. We make sure to look a mile ahead to properly steer clear of the debris that can lead to your network getting a flat tire.

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