Writing software is easy.

Writing innovative software is an art.

Future South takes its development projects to the next level. While we can do your standard software development for Microsoft and Unix platforms, as well as mobile devices, we specialize in web-based applications that scale across every platform - Desktop browsers, mobile devices and tablets. In fact, we've developed our own proprietary framework for that very purpose. Best of all, our web-based applications can run on anything, anywhere, and can be tailored to fit your needs per an organization. Using our proprietary FS WebOS, we can even write an application to streamline your business at no charge to you, with a low monthly recurring cost per a user. Contact us for more information about developing a web-based application to resolve your company needs.

Not looking for a web application?

We've still got you covered. Our developers don't just develop applications for customers. They're also huge contributors to the Open Source world, having worked on many popular and well-known applications, including, but not limited to: OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Apache, the Linux Kernel, PHP, nginx and KDE. We're skilled with many programming languages that can scale easily and take full advantage of the hardware that the code is running on, including ASM, C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Java, Perl, Python and many other high-level scripting languages. No matter your needs, we have a solution that we can reliably serve you with.

Best of all, you don't get charged until the development is complete, and you're satisfied.

Future South Technologies tackles development projects from a milestone aspect. We'll set criteria to be met prior to the first invoice, and we won't bill you until that point is reached and satisfied. Our development projects may be split up in to multiple milestones, and is worked out with each customer individually. Contact us today to discuss how we can begin spitting out lines of code for you!

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