Who are we?

We're the engineers that other companies wish [still] worked for them.

We're a group of individuals that came together to fill in a void in the IT industry. We've worked for all the big companies, and we've argued with the financially motivated solutions they've provided for you. Unfortunately, we were just the "employees," so our cries fell upon deaf ears.

Things have changed; we're the decision makers now.

We're the people that the local technology industry is afraid of. We stand to directly impact their pockets, while benefitting yours. We do this by providing quality of work at a fraction of the cost, and making decisions based on your business needs - not our bank accounts. The industry is full of self-proclaimed geniuses and technology experts, and there's always an excuse that ultimately costs you even more money to implement a solution than what was intially quoted. The truth of the matter is that most companies make the same promises we do. But at the end of the day, they're often unable to deliver.

Why can you believe we're different from the rest? Because we aren't afraid of calling the other guys out. Some may call it arrogant, cocky and even less-than-humble. We call it honest and confident. The truth is that if we don't make the problem obvious, then nobody else will, either. And the technology industry will continue to be riddled and polluted with empty promises, leaving the engineers as the face with the excuses. What the owners of most IT companies won't tell you is that "engineers" are a dime a dozen - but true talent is a rare find. It's also hard to hold on to. The number one factor to the loss of amazing talent: greedy technology company owners. The number two reason: lack of sensitivity and compassion in management. Both of those factors lead to the creation of us.

We have ethics. We have morals. And we have talent. We're standing to make a change in the IT industry. By choosing us, you bring us one step closer to that goal.

We aren't driven by money. Naturally, in order to both grow and survive, we have to sustain income. But that's not our business motivation - nor our business driver. Our goal is to provide the best solutions we can, while keeping your budget in mind. We're not above going out of our way to ensure you get the solution you both need and deserve. Just because you're a small business doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to afford the best service we have to offer. We aren't the western medical association - we won't empty your bank account to keep your business alive. We'll work our rates and costs to fit your budget and ensure you still get the same quality of work as the "bigger customer." Here, even the smaller customer is our most important customer. That's what sets us apart from the competition. And that is what makes us so much more different than the rest.

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